Why would World’s largest single-brand restaurant chain, invest in transforming their Customer Experience?

When a business is already a global leader, performing exceptionally well and has also been one of the fastest growing franchises in the world. This means there is something that they have been doing right all the way long. What is their secret recipe?

Subway currently has 44,672 restaurants in 111 countries; they have a big customer base and doing exceptionally well and still growing every year. SUBWAY recently launched SUBWAY Digital, a new division for SUBWAY restaurants that will build a strategy to enhance customer experience and build loyalty.

Why a global leader invests in transforming Customer Experience, when it is already on the top charts?

The answer is to “Evolve” — to evolve as a market leader, to evolve as a differentiator and to evolve as a new customer experience creator.

It has become essential for businesses to evolve with the new trends to remain competitive in the market. For SUBWAY, the reason is to sustain their growth by providing exceptional and a different experience to their customers. SUBWAY is doing it by adopting technology to make their customers access easier & convenient; and by making engagements more personalized yet meaningful.

Global leading businesses are investing in processes, technologies and are going digital not only to grow their business but also to sustain what they have. Technology has become an asset today, and it is an investment which every competitive company is willing to make, to outgrow competition. Investing in the right technology will help your businesses to evolve and will enable you to give your very best to your customers.