Find your Spot

Find your Spot

New Delhi

In this monsoon month of 2017, though there’s been hardly any rain in Delhi, this month has seen its own bittersweet volatility. Belief — behaviour — business, almost every corner is hit. I was just pondering over Gujarat floods, was trying to understand the analysis given by a researcher over unusual low pressure, and the minimal number of rivers that exist in the state and that too connecting to the Arabian sea, high tides in the sea resulting to water logging in areas and suddenly Shikha, my kitchen jinn, shakes me from my thoughts with a screech for breakfast.

8 am: Husband and I sit for our most important time of the day, as this is the only meal of the day we take together and talk and we are pretty grave about it. I told him that we have a Puja planned at his Mother-in-Law’s place and I have already confirmed our attendance for same. We discussed from Infosys’ Murthy to significance of Shiv puja in Shraavan. How Haryana is sending its cow’s to hostels and bling baba to jail hostel. Though, in this fiasco, common people have suffered a lot. He had only one thing to say, “It can only stop when people will realize that solution to their problem is in their hands and not with the self-proclaimed Godman”.

As we finish, he left for work and I left for passport office.

5 pm: I was sipping tea and scrolling through my Facebook page, my sunshine, bouncing on the bed cushion, asks me, “Have you find your spot?”

Puzzled, I asked him, “What spot?” All of a sudden, he becomes dramatic, says, “MOOOOOMMM, you talk, rather, you shout about the environment, pollution, saving water and all, and you haven’t chosen your spot yet?”

Now I’m rather bewildered, WHAT SPOT? “Okay, I will tell you”, he says, “If you let me go for a cricket match on this Saturday”. I said, “I will, now tell me.” He continues, “On September 1st there’s a Rally for Rivers, you have to choose a spot and stand with a blue poster, saying rally for rivers. Remember, not in groups only as an individual and do not stop traffic please. That’s it.”

He surely impressed me. It was the sweetest moment of my day.

I have chosen my SPOT, have you?


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