From a Curious Engineer to an Aspiring Entrepreneur

I was just an curious kid doing my bachelors of engineering. Fascinated by the world of technology and the science of machines. Start-ups were just things I read in news and business was just beyond me.

Then came the summer of ’15. It was a startup of just 10 passionate people. They called themselves the Think Tankers and they work to bridge the gaps in the Education System. Came to our campus in search of interns. It was my calling. I applied just out of love for the education space.

After spending couple of days giving several rounds in the selection process ( Uff 5 rounds! Start-ups are just too particular about the kind of people they select), I was offered the role of a marketing intern. And what did I know about marketing at that point of time? Haha! I thought it was selling!

After I have learnt to dissemble and assemble an engine, how tough can marketing be!

How naive and wrong was I!

But my story is not about how I slowly understood marketing. It’s not about how I understood that marketing is not only about sales, it’s about everything right from market research and product development to after-sales service. This story is about how I transformed from an Engineer to an business women. How my life goals and career goals oriented suddenly towards having my own start-up.

The two months of my internship were life-changing. I met some of the best people in my life. No one at office treated us as interns, we were given equal responsibility as everyone else. Our idea’s were never disregarded how ever silly they maybe. The days involved intense research and serious meetings. While evenings involved brainstorming sessions filled with brilliant ideas for the future.

The discussions and coffees keep flowing in till late night, but none of us felt tired, it was indeed the fire of passion in every heart.

It was the the ownership we took, I never felt like an intern, I felt it was my own start-up. I felt proud when I saw my ideas transform into real products or services we offered the clients. I worked harder to sell the same.

The two months did come to an end. But I had grown. I had become addicted to the work at a start-up. I could no longer imagine myself in a 9–5 job working on implementing some XYZ’s ideas. It has to be mine. It had to be out of my own passion and love.

I had grown. I was no longer a curious engineer. I am now an aspiring entrepreneur.