Why dual SIM Smartphones better than Single SIM Phones

Most people use single SIM Smartphones; however, there are several in the forum who prefers dual SIM phones. Dual-SIM variants of high-end phones are definitely not easy to find, but these phones come with numerous benefits. However, dual SIM mobiles vary from brand to brand, and the only feature that is common among all such phones is that it supports two active SIM cards at the same time.

Leverage the benefits of two plans: It is pretty obvious that every network service provider offers different plans. Having a dual SIM Smartphonewill allow you to leverage the benefits of two plans and at the same time keep your monthly phone bill low. Since one SIM might have a great plan for data usage and the other might offer you a better plan for voice call. When you have the opportunity of utilizing the benefits of both with dual SIM Smartphones, then why not take the advantage?
Save money by spending in a single phone: A dual-SIM phone is much cheaper as compared to buying a single SIM phone. You can save a lot of money as you do not have to buy two phones. You can use both the SIMs for different use at the same time. It is more cost-effective to buy a dual-SIM phone instead of a single SIM phone as a single phone can work efficiently and you do not have to spend have spent extra on buying another phone for the other number you are using.
Never face connectivity issues: network issue is common when using a mobile phone, particularly in remote areas. However, with dual-SIM phones you will never have to face any sort of such issues because if there is any sort of connectivity issues in one no, you can always use the other no.
Never lose the valuable data on your phone: Backing up your phone numbers, messages and other data on the mobile phone is very essential. This is particularly necessary when you are using a Smartphone as it is prone to virus infection. Moreover, so much data is stored in the phone that if you have to format the phone you will not lose any data. You can easily store all the numbers and important messages in both the SIM Cards as the SIM cards comes with less storage space compared to phone storage.
Global roaming: When you are going abroad you will definitely want to stay connected with people back home. With a dual SIM phone, you will be able to receive messages on the phone from people at your home and in the second slot you can easily insert a local SIM. Doing so, you will be able to save on your international roaming bills.
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