Wild love

It’s only the beginning of adventures with you,

Just the start of our wild, wild love.

And the years should try to tame us, as they do,

They’ll never succeed.

This love meant to be a mild love.

I don’t think I could ever love you

In a mediocre fashion, moderately, within reasonable limit,

Because if we all know one great love in our lifetime,

For me this is it.

Love, a lot will change over the years,

This is just the start.

Our love will grow calmer,

But always hold ferocity in its heart.

Our preoccupations demand sanity,

And sane we shall be,

As we live our wordly lives full is responsibility.

But love, I’ll never let you lose the way you laugh like a child,

And at the end of the hardest day,

I’ll know how to make you smile.

Even as we assume important roles in life,

In hearts, love, you and I,

We’ll always be a little wild.

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