Yii — For the Future-Gen Web Development Platform

Yii, an object-oriented, open source PHP framework widely accepted as the best platform to develop web apps and websites. Even though Yii has been developed to fix the drawbacks of PRADO framework earlier, further it evolved into one of the best frameworks of recent times, resulting in mushrooming many Yii framework development service providers. There are a handful of reasons for this wide and rapid acceptance. Take a look at the key features of Yii framework.

What makes Yii the best framework?

Yii framework basically is efficient and one can follow international standards as well. Moreover, its an open source and hence have a wider community of users. Users from around the globe help grow Yii often and thus signifies one incredible PHP framework to build your application.

Yii Development Services

Easy to Develop Modules, Extensions, and Components

The simplicity and easiness of operations is the highlight of Yii framework. It makes extremely easy for developers to develop modules, extensions and so. Unlike other frameworks, Yii minimizes the complexity of the process and therefore improves time efficiency and precision.

Implements the MVC Design Pattern

Yii framework involves model-view-controller design pattern, which is widely accepted in programming. It allows Yii developers to part business logic from user interface considerations. And thus and so they can change each portion without affecting other. Apart from this, Yii also introduces a front controller called application. It collects information regarding users and passes it on to the appropriate controller for further handling.

WSDL in Yii Framework

The Yii extension repository involves third-party extensions that facilitate users to quickly set up their application. In Yii, WSDL document is generated from a message model. Its function is to define web service requests and responses.

Automatic Code Generation through Gii

Yii incorporates a web-based code generation tool called Gii. It outruns previous Yiic shell generation tool. Gii is introduced as a module and must be used alongside a Yii application. This will reduce a considerable amount of time, moreover help you escape the tiresome, exhausting process of code generation. Instead, you can utilize the automatically generated code.

Advanced Security Measures

Security is one of the prior factors to consider when it comes to choosing frameworks. Yii is known for its advanced security approaches. It produces a secure hash from the password, that makes a random salt, thus secure the process. It prevents your applications from attacks such as SQL injection, Cross-Site Request Forgery (CSRF), Cross-Site Scripting (XSS), and cookie tampering.

Simplified Data Migration

In every case of database structure change, it requires a change in source code. Yii integrates data migration feature, which allows you to keep track of database changes in terms of database migrations which are version-controlled together with the source code. Moreover, it helps to upgrade and degrade the application versions on distinct installations.


Yii is a high-performance component-based PHP framework and is widely admired by most of the Yii framework development company all over the world. Its undergoing frequent updates and is evolving in accordance with modern-day advancements. The more efficient, accurate applications can attract more users, further leads to better business as well. It can be used for any web development projects regardless of its complexity or anything. And the best part is, it can be downloaded for free from its official website.