8 Other Places Harriet Tubman Would Like to See Her Face.

- a wheaties box. If Steph Curry deserves to be on the box, we think Harriet Tubman deserves to be on the box.

- the goodyear blimp. It should read, Harriet Tubman’s a pimp.

- a milk carton. But like, why was no one worried she was missing? Did anyone even look for her? So many unanswered questions.

- the bill of rights. I always like to put fun images at the beginning of long boring documents that no one ever reads but are due at 11:59pm anyway.

- Donald Trump’s wallet photos. Little known fact, Donald Trump still carries photos in his wallet. As if we didn’t have enough reason NOT to elect him already.

- mt. rushmore. This might be the most controversial, but are we really still in denial that old white men are the worst people in history? The least we can do after defacing a public mountain is add some color to it. Nahmsayin?

- BDSM whips and handcuffs. Think about it. Edging, Mind games, race play. It’s a ripe market. A true capitalist like Harriet would see her face on the $20 bill and say, “Now how can I get some of those 20’s for myself?” Nahmsayin??

- the FAFSA website, or Worldstar HipHop’s Eye Candy 18+ page. Everyone likes to google themselves. H-Tub was no different. Believe me. She’d be down.

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