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Photograph by Enrest Brillo

Afropunk’s 2019 radical self-care campaign is both timely and appreciated. While folks come from far and wide to be apart of this epic creative community, the folks at Afropunk remind us that the way to serve the collective best is by taking care of self, taking a moment to breathe, to meditate, do yoga, or to visit our therapist.

“Radical self care is the act of taking control over your own mind, body and spirit, and taking responsibility for your own well being.” (SATYA, read full article)

It’s an ideal we must practice. Luckily, you can align mind, body, spirit AND catch a vibe. If you won’t be at the swoon fest in Commodore Park this weekend — head to the beach for a soul vegan BBQ (say whaa!?) or to metaDEN for some yoga and painting! Here’s a list of 7 events to check out in Brooklyn August 23rd — 25th. …


Nehemoyia Young

Founder at SpiritList, a holistic health platform making wellness simple + accessible by connecting people to local practitioners ||

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