Oh goodness, It took me sooo much time to learn that it’s all about the MINDSET!

We are all born with a small brain — growth mindset

We all have physical strength to fight — fixed mindset

As we grow up, we all choose the second — remember, sports, competition and the second to none way we are praised for our “abilities and you’ll win it the next time” — fixed mindset

What’s ironic is that changing mindset from a fixed one to a growth one needs no thought!! If we do this, as I did for last 19 years, I only thought of a few tricks that helped me shine for a short time but failed the next time I used it. Again, I thought of new tricks, by following successful people, and again failed in the long run. In the long run the answer is no. What I missed on was their mindset. I was fixed on following what they did, but they weren’t. They enjoyed challenges and made learning possible in every opportunity.

The way to change to a growth mindset is understanding that it needs time, practice and monitoring. Be ready to ask questions,
What can I learn?

If you did not get it, you didn’t deserve it.

Yes, there are people who have been longer than you have been in this field, and they have worked harder than you.

But, if you want to do it just for fun, that’s fine, too.

If you really want it, work hard to get it. Time, Practice, Monitor. Think 30 years from now.
My biggest fear is to hear “I didn’t deserve it”.
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