Sorrow and Bright Future

what is more suitable to our high technology life?

We are now living in the era where everything is connected with one another especially when we talk about technologies. It has developed so much for the last 5 decades where the world have vinyl and gramophone to listen to music and now we just need to open YouTube and you can stream any possible kind of music even the music video from your own phone that could also take pictures. In terms of this development, there are two kinds of point view and it is obviously from the positive side and the other one is from the negative side where predict the future of our life with simplicity that is created that our hands has created.

Geert Lovink in his ‘Electronic Loneliness’, basically expressed about the networks has disabled us make us become incapable of anything because of the numbness of the repeated and over-spoiled by the technologies then in the end it would disappear into emptiness and left us nothing but the solitude accompanied with devices in our hands then he made it into one poetic essay with illustrated picture. in the video where we can feel the sorrow, the boredom, the confusion and complexity of feeling caused by things that narrated in the video.

Varnelis, on the opposite site argue in his works of ‘Networked Public’ that the network is basically lightened up our works and make them simpler and it integrates our life in terms of accessibility just like what we experienced in the present time. We are in the way to becoming one with the technologies that brings us to so much more ahead with unlimited possibilities, away from what we have seen in the science fiction movies.

both of the arguments are acceptable it is up to us which one to believe and what is believed will eventually happened in real life. so watch out on what you believe but I personally see these two point of view as possible outcome with equal chances, depending on how we see it and here I rather want to pick the positive side because I see the fact where technologies has guide us to a better life as long as we use it wisely in a sense that we have to be the superior of technologies that we made, we must not be enslaved and take them as it is without cleverly utilizing it. Again here, Lovink’s point could also be happened anytime if we were slack on some point where then we can see the irony of life like how it is portrays in Wall-E movie, where the convergence of networks and technologies does indulged people so they become so fat without legitimate future after they left earth.

So people, take advantage of what is on your hands right now where enables you to see this post, to the fullest and do whatever you like, but remember, it is either get you to what direction; to the start or to the stars.

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