The Chaotic Cyber Control

Who actually has the power?

In terms of new media, Internet believed as the place where everything is happened.

Here we see that the data flows in the internet which in this case is acts as a vector. Vector according to Wark (2004) in his ‘Hacker Manifesto’ means the place where information flows and also act as the archive of all the information.

When building the medium or the place, specific code is made and that stack of code combined into software. So basically what is software? We know software is what controls and helps us on doing things, from helping doing our assignments to chatting with others. In case of the relation between software and vector, it has a symbiotic relationship between them, it coexists.

When we think that we could gather every piece of information we want in the internet, actually we do not get that much; information is so much more than actually you want to know right now and the demand of much more information will increase as the time goes by.

Here is the time where the hacker take the stage, they somehow helps us to grab and give other information that regards as invisible or as we might say as confidential. As Wark said on the same works, “by its very nature, the act of hacking overcomes the limits property imposes on it”. They liberate the information, they freed them, they helps us to understand better on what is going on in the world, to know the truth, to see every perspectives about an issue and so on.

In context of global village, this kind of act is kind of matter the most because since the flow of information in the internet is very fluid and tend to be uncontrollable, we get to see many hoax about a certain case or even we sometimes get spoiled with some super secret (or in other words, the truth) about how our own government supervise us. We remember Snowden where he tells us about the project that the government of the USA that is going on in discreet where they intercept their people to get as many as possible so they would know who is to be watch on.

Everything is connected. Everything can be done in one program. The world is only on your fingertips. It is up to us whether we perceive it as scary or a good thing. Because it is always possibly between we control things we wish to see, or we are controlled by the media and enslaved with its bewildered content that no one can fully guarantee the genuine ones which once again approve of what Wark stated, “we do not own what we produce — it owns us”.


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