Mobile-Mines - Open Source click-game built on React


Mobile-Mines is a puzzle, mine-defusing, click-game built on the React framework.

My inspiration was simple click-games like Minesweeper, SkiFree, and Solitaire I played on our first family Windows 95 PC.

I have several young nieces and nephews I hope get a kick out of this (and other potential contributors’ games), like I did when I was their age.

Try it yourself

How it works


  • Unless you are unlucky and the first mine you click is the explosive, you’ll reveal “Whew!” Or “Look out!”.
  • “Look out!” = There is an explosive mine adjacent.
  • “Whew!” = The explosive mine is more than one space away.
  • Once all mines except the explosive are clicked, you can click the explosive mine and win the game.

What’s the point?

I wanted a fun way for myself and other developers to learn about React by building and sharing ideas through Open Source contributions.

Although new to React, I was able to get most of the functionality working with JavaScript logic on a Gameboard.js React component and have since had contributions from more experienced React developers that helped make the code more object-oriented using the React practices. (shoutout to Nick Isaacs!)

My hope is developers will contribute their own click-games built on React that we can incorporate into a single virtual arcade cabinet/component.

Feel free to contribute, have fun building on React and share your ideas!

Github repo here