Getting Ready for that First Amateur Body Building Competition

If you are a fitness enthusiast or just someone who has become so proud or so hooked on your results, you may be leaning towards entering your first amateur bodybuilding competition. You don’t have to be the next Arnold Schwarzenegger or Lee Haney, but just someone who just wants to share their success with a wider audience. Who knows, you may be able to inspire others this way, too. Before you go, there are a few things to do to get ready.

Get Mentally tough

Remember, you know exactly what it took you to get to this point. All the hard work. All the sacrifices. What you looked like at the start of this journey. The before and after. When you step into the stage, the audience only knows what they see. Be ready to accept reactions that may not be so favorable. And probably mostly undeserved. After all, you built up the courage, on top of everything else, to get up on stage in front of the crowd. They will be judging you in a split second. Not like your friends, who know about everything it took to get to today. Learn to deflect and dismiss any criticism.

Proper nutrition

So much of these competitions is about being lean. Or being huge depending on your division. At the moment you decided to enter the competition, you should have connected with a Manhattan personal trainer. Preferrably one with experience in this area, but if not find one that matches your needs. Develop a plan for your diet and training.

Most personal trainers and nutritionists assisting with competitive goals will develop a nutrition plan 6–10 weeks out. The strategy centers around the ultimate goal leading up to the event day. It is important to be watching your calories, nutrients and even water intake as the event draws near. The wrong mix can obscure definition or cause bloat.

Train hard. Train smart

This should be a no brainer, right? Well, for some it isn’t so obvious. While some may train hard, they don’t train smart. They will spend hours in the gym, but they may not have a workout plan for the day, week, or month. You have to create the microcycles within the mesocycles. A great workout with a great post workout meal. Personal trainers Upper East Side with event experience will create a symbiotic plan. It is no secret, that these two items go hand in hand.

Having a solid plan will make you mentally tough, physically strong, and nutritionally sound.

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