New Personal Trainers Should Travel to Build Clientele

The fitness industry is highly competitive and there are usually dozens of personal trainers for clients to choose from in larger cities. It can be difficult for new personal trainers to build a client base, so they may have to get out of the gym to find them. If you’re considering personal training as a career, here are some of the places you may find clients for your business.

Although marketing yourself is a good way to get some clients, you may need to step outside of the gym to recruit others. Some of your clients will come to you if you work for a gym, but if you hope to work for yourself at any point in your career, you will need to learn how to get clients on your own. Sometimes the best way to find clients is to go where they go.

Since personal trainers help other people get into shape and lose weight, they need to look the part. When it’s time for you to work out, go to the park on a nice day to jog, do some calisthenics or the use the workout areas most parks have available. Don’t be afraid to show off a bit or even offer advice to someone you see struggling with their routine. Strike up conversations with people you see exercising and give them one a business card.

Instead of making your clients come to you in the gym, go to some of your clients’ homes. A Staten Island personal trainer may have clients who don’t have time to go to a gym, so they can visit those clients’ homes to help develop their workout routines. Going to a client’s home gives trainers a chance to check out their client’s lifestyle, see what they keep in their pantry and the trainer can show them how to work out at home between visits.

Since many larger companies have employee gyms, a new personal trainer Bronx should visit clients’ and work out with them in their company gyms. Doing so will not only help their client, but it can be a good way to meet others and gain new clients, especially if a client’s co-workers likes the changes you’ve helped them make.

If you want to earn a good living as a personal trainer, you will need a list of clients. Instead of depending on them to find you, leave your gym to find new clients.