“Scratch Your Own Itch”

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After a long time of considering what my niche should be, I have chosen the “Entrepreneurship”, “Startup” and “Money” niche. Even though these are three completely different areas, I have chosen to double down on them so that I can become better at them, and in the process help others get better at them too. The three areas. I want to go ahead and call them The trinity, but I don’t want to sound cheesy.

Why these three areas? And how did I come to pick them?

Let me indulge you.

I remember a piece of advice I read sometime back and I won't remember really what they were talking about exactly, but the idea was to do something successfully, “scratch your own itch”. In other words, pick something that is bothering you and attempt to solve it. To find your niche, whether in business enterprise, or in blogging, or an entrepreneurship venture, pick a problem that is an itch to you and attempt to scratch it.

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Let me try and explain my reasoning here.

#1. It helps you to find your target audience quicker

To know who to target with your venture. If there is a problem that bothers you, then most likely there is somebody out there who is met with the very same problem. So your target audience or market will be the ‘you’ that is out there. The portion of the population that is like you in the sense that it most likely faces the same problem that you are.

#2. It helps you find and focus on your niche easily

I remember going through much hassle and soul searching trying to figure out what I should be writing about. I read a piece of blogging advice once that went like, to be successful at blogging there are niches that one should double down on. I know you have seen such lists before, and you have noticed that my niches will appear in such lists, and that is purely a coincidence. What I want to tell you is that your niche could very well be something that you are facing, and it will be in your best interest to ‘scratch that itch’ for yourself and others.

#3. It helps you to focus on the process

Three: And most important, is that scratching your own itch will be easier in the process than if you attempt to tackle a niche that you are not comfortable with. I know there is plenty of advice going around out there that work on niches that are popular in the market to gain traction, but this could be misleading.

The thing about writing (or entrepreneurship or business) is that this shit is about the process, not the outcome. Focusing solely on getting successful in a particular niche because it is popular with the market is not a good strategy, as it focuses on the goal, not the process.

Scratching your own itch is a good long-term strategy because it ensures that the process will be adventurous. Scratching your own itch involves a lot of learning and as a result, a lot of learning provides for all the content you will need to share with others; at least that is what I believe is with my case.

That being said, I don’t necessarily believe that one should be an expert in an area that they are going to venture in (in my case, my writing). Now I might be completely wrong, but at least in theory, it makes sense. Think about it! If I venture into solving my own problem, something that is a huge pain in the ass, and I collect all the learning I could collect and have experiences as I find my way into getting better at my niche then I will most probably have something to share about it.

Again, I could be totally wrong but that remains to be proven. I am not an expert in the three niches that I have chosen, but in my mid-twenties I know these are areas that I need to get better at. These are three things that I need to learn more about and get more experiences about, and in the process of learning and making myself better, I will have things to share with others that are in the process of learning and getting better at.

So for all the new writers out there seeking what niche you should be writing about, this is my advice; ‘scratch your own itch’. What is of priority to you? Write about that. I would never write anything of value in dating and relationships or anything because it’s simply not a priority or not an itch for me. Find yours and scratch it.

And for all my entrepreneurs out there, seeking to venture into business this would be my advice as well. What is that one problem that you face, that you could solve for yourself, and use that found knowledge to solve for someone else and scale it? Have people pay for that solution and, voila! You have a business. I know I’m over-simplifying things and maybe not sounding very realistic, but at its bare-bones, that is what it is.

Entrepreneurship, Startup, and Money; the holy trinity for the twenty-year-olds; for the young dreamers who want to make thigs happen who are seeking to make their ambitions are reality; for the go-getters who will not settle for the status quo but expose themselves to the elements and fight the good fight to live life to the fullest. That is my target audience, for that is what I am (at least consider myself to be) and if I am to wake up every morning with this goal in mind to reach this population, then I will consider myself a successful person.




I write to learn, not not to give an opinion. I like to expose my thinking and my perspective on life, in hopes of becoming a better person in so doing.

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Nathaniel Senje

Nathaniel Senje

I write to learn, not not to give an opinion. I like to expose my thinking and my perspective on life, in hopes of becoming a better person in so doing.

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