The World’s Smallest Coffee Maker

I would love to hear people’s thoughts on my new start-up BREW.BAG.

BREW.BAG is a single-use coffee filter bag which allows you to brew a fresh, great-tasting cup of coffee without the need for expensive brewing equipment. Each filter bag comes pre-filled with carefully selected coffees, perfect for any situation (

BREW.BAG can be enjoyed almost everywhere! It is unrivalled in terms of its portability due to a unique, compact design. This allows it to be used in the office, at home or whilst exploring the great outdoors. We even believe it would make a nice change to “in-room” coffee at hotels.

We understand that what really matters with coffee is its taste. We have worked tirelessly to source a wide variety of BREW.BAG flavours that we know our customers will love. Through my first venture (Yeti Coffee) I have been able to gather a good contact group of farmers from around the world.

All of our coffees are ethically sourced. We believe in not just delivering a quality product, but also taking responsibility for the entire production process. That starts with protecting the wellbeing and sustainable growth of our coffee farms and farmers.

As customers ourselves, we have been left frustrated by the overpriced, poor quality coffee currently on sale We are looking to change this by offering great tasting coffee at a fair price. Check out our Kickstarter to get a full break down of our pricing options!