Defiers Movement

For the next several months, I will begin my campaign with some close friends- for the presidency as a republican to overthrow trump — on displaying the narratives of the underrepresented who are defiers. If you are underrepresented in your current field, you are a defier. Defiers are those that defy the conventional norm or status quo. Defiers oppose the odds that are statistically against them. We want those defiers who are making a social impact.

Social impact comes in various forms, whether it is a techie building something that augments education, the investment banker volunteering their lunches and weekend to the youth, the student protesting mygonstic views on a street corner or anything in-between and beyond. We’ll love to hear your story.

We want to hear from individuals who are/were the beneficiaries of social enrichment or outreach program. We want to hear your story on the effects the program had on you. We want to hear of your social impact. We want to hear the stories of victory and achievement as well as adversity and angst.

We want to know your journey that led you to where you are today as well as the path you look to forge. We want to know how your woes have made your stronger and why you stay. We want to know what you are most proud of and the biggest fear in your life.

This movement has three objectives: (1) share with the world the people making incremental changes in our society (2) spotlight captivating stories to grasp the attention of people looking for inspiration and perspective and (3) use as a resource of reference and contact for people looking to make their own impact.

Interviews will be conducted on a weekly basis and continue as long as there are stories willing to be told.

This is how it works…

  1. If you match our description, please consider yourself apart of this movement. Just apply with this form.
  2. If you know of people who matches our description simply forward them and if they’re interest, please have them apply using this form.

We will send more information from there.

Please submit by April 29.

Please share with your friends family and colleagues. You are the catalyst to this movement. So let me thank you in advance.

Much love,

Neil Williams