stonehenge; unchanging


Unchanging over time or unable to be changed.

This is one of the rules I use for cloud servers. This gives two advantages:-

  1. If you build servers using an automated, repeatable method, it is easy to build new ones.
  2. You know exactly what is on the server. No…

On a daily basis, my code runs to build multiple environments for the database warehouse project. The dev side of DevOps is about the role of creating and testing the automation processes.

As the cloud, AWS in this case, gives us flexibility to run servers on demand and charge by…

It has shipped! Puppet 5 is here and the gem has been available since the 27th June 2017.

Puppetlabs logo

Puppet 5 shipped

What does this mean to us DevOps techies though?
The main ‘features’ of puppet 5 are largely around standardising on other product version numbers of the major puppet components…

This week’s focus is on code quality. This is where the code that we create is clear and uniform for the purposes of making it easier to maintain.

The ability to maintain code is very important as there are always bugs, security updates, features or simply a better way to…

Neil Millard

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