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If you are a white person who has felt a significant shift over the last few weeks, this is an important moment. This summer should be a tipping point when the majority of us agreed that we have a serious problem.

But acknowledging the problem is only the beginning. The hard work is all ahead of us.

In the 1860s it took a bloody war for our ancestors to make it illegal to own black people. In the 1960s it took years of protests for our grandparents to agree to treat black people with basic civility.

If the summer of…

As the dust settles from the massive transition to remote work, one word looms over everything.


Are your remote teams just as productive as they were in the office? Are people less productive because they’re binge watching Tiger King instead of filing out their TPS reports? Or are they more productive because they are free from office distractions? How should you gauge the productivity of remote workers?

What if we are asking the wrong question? Thinking hard about remote team productivity actually reveals a lot about what’s wrong with the way we view productivity in the workplace.

The classic view of productivity

When we…

I was incredibly excited to interview LeRon Barton on the WorkMinus podcast. I had read his article about hiring discrimination and using culture fit as a disguise to hire people who are like you. The article was a big eye-opener for me, and I really wanted to get him on the show.

That’s LeRon

As usual, I did some research on him and put together a list of questions. The show started off well, but then my eyes hit the next question I had prepared:

What are other ways that well-meaning companies continue discriminatory practices without realizing it?

It was a shock…

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I get scared when I think about the future of work.

It’s not because our AI overlords will create a dystopian future. It’s not because most of us will be living on the streets and the disparity gap will only grow deeper (though both of those are possible).

As automation continues to advance and more tasks are handled by systems and machines, humans will move from doing all the work to doing just a certain part of it.

But this shouldn’t scare us–humans have a lot to offer a world where machines handle computations, monotonous work, and programmable tasks. Humans…

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The easiest way to spot a non-native speaker of English is how they use articles (the, a, an, some, etc). Our grammatical rules surrounding them are extremely complicated and often do not make sense.

Is the noun plural? Is it countable? Does it start with a vowel? Does it start with a vowel, but with a consonant sound? Why do some countries get an article, but others don’t?

In my job, I work with many non-native writers. I need them to understand these unwritten and complex grammar rules because if a line of copy goes out that misuses an article…

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My wife was with my mother visiting the 4-H county fair in my hometown. There was a sign in front of one of the major animal exhibits that said “4-Hers Only”. My mother, who has not been in 4-H since she was 18 years old, confidently walked past the gate, much to the shock and amazement of both my wife and sister.

It’s not because my mother was feeling defiant or entitled to a closer look at the livestock.

It’s because deep down she believes she is still 12 years old.

When my daughter asks my mother to tell a…

For all those who like to write and talk about the environment, this is a great perspective to think about. Nearly all scientists acknowledge that we cannot meet the food, energy, water issues of our growing population, and that our growth has adverse effects on the environment. We are also more affluent as a people than at any other moment in history–there are fewer people living in absolute poverty than ever before.

There are two paths in front of us to solve this problem.

One is to respect the limits, reduce (or at least stall) our growth, reduce usage, cut…

I used to tell people that my family was German. This is a weird thing that some Americans do. Being a country of immigrants, many of us can point some relative within the last 200 years that came to the US on the proverbial boat.

I would get frustrated with my wife when people asked her about her heritage. She would always say, “We are just purebred American.” “What are you talking about?” I would ask. You have to come from somewhere. The only real Americans are the Native Americans. …

I stumbled into the startup world.

While in the middle of desperately needing a career change, I discovered my talent for writing just as the concept of content marketing was taking off. I immediately gravitated towards the tech world since I thought it was my best chance of supporting my family, but I quickly found that I didn’t fit well with established IT services companies.

So I turned to the startup scene. I met Suresh at a startup event and (thankfully for me) his blog was in pretty bad shape and needed lots of work. …

“I give up little darlin’. No matter what I do, girl you know it’s true, ain’t good enough for you.” — Bruce Springsteen.

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I’ve been with this girl for about four years now. It’s not a traditional relationship–she’s foreign and there’s a lot of long-distance stuff. Most of my family hasn’t met her. I’m sure that they think she’s made up.

We started off slow, just a few dates here and there, but then started seeing each other a lot, and finally made it ‘official’. In so many ways, she was, the one. I mean the complete package. The collector’s…

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