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Once again dear reader it is time I update you on the goings on of our dev team and where the platform is at here at UpBots HQ.

As you are by now no doubt aware, we launched our MVP Demo version of the platform last Friday. I asked our loyal subscribers, the influencers who have been interested in the project since early on, our Community Managers as well as an assortment of VIPs and investors all to give us feedback!

Oh, I also asked the 7000 people on our email list to try out the platform and then to do the same. …

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If you have already been following some of the other posts I’ve published here on our blog recently, you will be aware that we have launched something called UpBots Genesis.

You will also likely think this is about upgrading stuff, because of the improvements we’ve made to our Burn Program and Hold Program. And it is! But not only about upgrading stuff. There’s quite a lot more to it than that.

What is UpBots Genesis?

Genesis is an initiative we’ve launched to take UpBots and our community of loyal token holders through the transition from now until a little while after the full commercial release of the UpBots platform towards the end of 2020. …

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Well hello there dear reader…it is a very exciting week here at UpBots HQ.

We have been burning the candle at both ends set free our creation into the wild, and I’m excited to say that today our baby has taken her first steps into the world with our very first MVP version release.

You can check it out on the link below…BUT first…

I hope you’ll permit me to bring two quick points to your attention:

➡️ ️First — This release is our foundation. Every day and week in the coming months we will release new features and improve the MVP, advance the capability of the platform and add, well…more…more of everything…more exchanges, more trading options, more bots, more marketplace options, more sexy etc etc. …


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