Art Fair Philippines 2016: An Experience

Overwhelming, revolutionary and valiant. The transcending of art to every boundaries of life aspects is astonishing; we have made art to the extremes — and this I believe is the embodiment of contemporary art itself. Either we deduct EXTREMELY or add EXTREMELY, has become the formula to achieve our generation’s notion of beauty. Gone were the days of traditional painting of Greeks standard masterpieces, that is why this is the Revolution — the struggle for constant defiance.


david dela cruz
41 sculptures|mixed metal|varying sizes

Breaking the chains of faith that has been shackled to every believers, Dela Cruz is daring to dwell and work in such a sensitive matter, a matter that has greatly shaped much of people’s thinking.

The art making process itself is absolutely magnificent. At first glance, you’ll think of a religious empowerment and awareness, reiterating how terrifying it is to sin and seemed to be a pro-Church artworks. However, the exhibit was a critique to the church itself and how hypocracy has prevailed over the institution, how all the things they have claimed sinful is what they do themselves (in the Philippine context). The artist Dela Cruz daringly mentioned these ill-mannered characteristics rotting Philippine religion, and I quote “worshipping of false prophets and the deception of naive, pietistic but gullible folks”.

Religion was used to brainwash the people, to scare them to go against and to cripple them of their free thinking. Ancient way of thinking suppresses the weak and empowers the strong for they exploit the people beneath them. If this is the case, then religion is something we should be scared about.


Raffy Napay: Family

Illusionary and majestic. “Glow in the dark” will always have a special place my heart. The luminescence was plainly stunning. Grade A+++++. It reminds me of a beach in Maldives where during the night, phytoplanktons of blue color would crowd the seashore line and create this wondrous fantasy-like scenery. Blue has a calming ambiance it inflicts to its viewers. Mysterious yet calming.

Mark Justiniani: Infinity Series

What is interesting with Justiniani’s works is how it engages its audience to the masterpiece. There is a certain attraction that exist when one looks at his work — an attraction to keep staring, to keep on searching. Like the artwork itself was embedded with a gravitational force, a mysterious one. It doesn’t force you to come near, you voluntarily give in yourself. The title itself has always been a word full of wonders to me: infinity. Infinity itself contains infinity; infinity in motion, infinity in possibilities, infinity of meanings, infinity within infinities.

Another notable aspect of the artwork is this tingling feeling to reach the end despite knowing that it is infinity and an illusion. It gives you endless desire to be curious at what is to be found at the end. There is mystery, an unexplainable mystery in the work. And the presence of such unexplainable makes it a marvelous work of art.

Overall the exhibit was impressive, really. Although the amount of artworks were overwhelming and I didn’t get a chance to actually appreciate deeper all the works and witness their greatness. Nonetheless, I left the venue admiring contemporary art, embracing this generation’s notion of beauty.

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