Rebel Without Good Cause
Lindsay Anne Black

With all due respect, a word search in the “90 years ago” article turned up nothing on Georgetown.

As you may or may not know I taught at Georgetown for 31 years and never witnessed any racism in all that time. Yes the flag has been removed, as it should in these days, but the association of the name Rebel to racism is in the mind of the reader.
One cannot label a school racist based on a name. A racist demonstrates their beliefs by his/her actions. But GDHS was not a racist institution while I was there. We were diverse, not a much as today, but to my knowledge no one was abused because they looked differently, worshipped differently, or had a foreign accent. I saw students rally around visible minorities, making them feel welcome. A name does not define a culture within a school. If the younger generation see it as a racist name, are embarrassed by it and want to change it, then so be it.

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