What is Blocking Kaspersky from Opening an Application?

Kaspersky lab products are highly demanded as it is one of the strongest and genuine antivirus and anti-malware program. This application is used by both home and business users. But there are some users who complain that the software is denying the access of genuine applications. If you are also among such users then you can either take the help of antivirus techies on Kaspersky Customer Service Number UK 0800–756–3354 or you can try to fix the problem on your on with the given method.

Kaspersky internet security blocks the application from opening as it uses the process called heuristic analyses. This process helps you to identify and protect your device from potentially harmful and suspicious applications. But sometimes the software blocks those applications which are legitimate; you can call it the case of “False Positive”. This is the reason this function of the software sometimes become really frustrating for users.

To avoid this problem you can add some applications into the safe list, this will make your important and critical programs exempt from scanning. Let us learn how:

Heuristic Scanning

A heuristic analysis is the process where your security software works to look for harmful applications by analyzing the given program’s action. It works on the technology for identifying the viruses that are not detected by Anti-virus database. For example, the Kaspersky antivirus software may flag an application as potentially threatening if it detects that application is programmed to make change to the system registry or install driver without user permission. Files which are found by Heuristic scanner are considered to be properly infected. This method gives ease of implementation and high performance.

Check the Application

If your Kaspersky internet security blocks any application then it is because the software suspects the application to be harmful for your computer. If you are attempting to change the block settings, make sure that the application you are taking action on is not containing any virus or malware. So, in short be very wary of flagged applications that you have downloaded or received over mail as this is the most common way of spreading or transmitting the virus. In case you are not able to make out whether the flagged application is safe or not then please consider it as harmful and do not allow it linger that way.

Exclusion Rules

To prevent an application from being blocked by the antivirus software, you can add the application into exclusion rules. When you add any application into exception then Kaspersky don’t scan it at all. That particular application is considered as safe and trusted. To add an Exclusion rule please follow the given steps:

· First open your Kaspersky program and click on it “Settings”.

· Then click “Trusted and Exclusion” and then go to “Configure Exclusion rule”.

· Click on “Add new exclusion rule”.

· After that click “Browse” and select the folder in which that application is installed in.

· Then check all the boxes in the “Protection Components” section of the window and click OK to create the rule.

Trusted Application Mode

If this feature is on then Kaspersky will block all the applications that are not added in the Trusted application list even if they are not harmful. To add a program in Trusted application list:

· Click on the “Settings” and select “Application control”.

· Then go to Manage Application and right click the application that you want to add.

· Select “Trusted” from the “Restriction” pop out menu and then click Save.

This way you can add any application into the trusted one. If you are still having any problem with your Kaspersky then please give us a call at Kaspersky Technical Help Number UK 0800–756–3354.

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