A Super Fast Overview and History of Tech VC: Part III

Neil Devani
Oct 10, 2018 · 10 min read

Exit Valuations vs. Capital Raised (in millions)

PitchBook Data

Post-Recession Investment into Venture Capital Funds

Pitchbook / NVCA

Post-Recession Investment into companies

Pitchbook / NVCA
From Tom Tunguz
PitchBook Data

Total U.S. Accelerators

From The Brookings Institute

Information Ubiquity

The Mobile Takeover

Data from IDC Tracker, Gartner in DazeInfo

Top 100 investments create most of the value

Cambridge Associates, from 2014 (Y-axis is total value in billions)

New/emerging firms capture ~50% of value

Cambridge Associates, from 2014 (Y-axis is percentage of total value generated)

Neil Devani

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