The Ten Greatest Steps Of The Last Ten Decades
Ethan Siegel

Having had a truly crappy Florida education in the 1950s we were even then taught pre- Hubble and the Milky Way was the Universe. I am truly glad that these articles by Ethan Siegel, so we’ll written and cogent are out there in the world as in ten pages he manages to set the. Ind ablaze for those who have not encountered real cosmology and physics. This is the incredible nature of the,is that we humans are tripping around and sipping from the real fount of human knowledge understanding fragments but seeing nonetheless a beautiful poetry of our place in the order of things…just a mote but a thinking mote, we are. All of this series “Starts with a Bang “ is to me an extraordinary accomplishment. In my lifetime much of what is..was discovered or theorized. It is humbling to realize that but it is also vibrant to be alive and to understand of it.

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