When you think about how to get your company’s messages, most people in an older generation might say to create adverts on billboards, or hand out flyers. However, in this modern day of social media and the internet, we as a company can get our business in the sights of potentially millions of people via new and exciting social media outlets. A great way to make your customer/site visitors experience easy is to include pictures of your products, or pictures of whatever the subject matter that you are talking about is. When your site viewer is given a clear visual of what it is you are talking about, it allows them to better understand what you are talking about in your post. Another great alternative/ compliment to photos could be video! If you are talking about the polar ice caps melting, perhaps you could add a video of the melting of the ice caps over a one-year time span. Always make your content easy to read for the audience that you are trying to reach! If you are a science blog focusing on bio chemistry, use language relevant to those individuals, and likewise to a different audience. #bus152