Happy Birthday Dad

Happy 21st Birthday Dad. This means 22 shots of Fireball..ok maybe not Fireball maybe something like Port.(for you) ☺ We communicate more through apps than anything else. So obviously your birthday wish has to be through an application. What kind of modern son would I be if I bought you a birthday card? Maybe next year we’ll get something delivered by a drone ☺

Thank you for being an incredible & supportive father. I know I stole all your hair(better than saying I made you lose it!) I'm glad you didn’t kick me out because of it. I’m lucky to have a best friend, hero, mentor, and dad in one. Our lives are shaped by experiences, and the experiences I cherish most are the ones we have together and will continue to have. Ranging from our product discussions(I know you enjoy those, because it’s a way for you to give me more lectures ☺), watching sports, and, of course, the many Casa De Bandini outings.

Love you

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