There’s this competition going on, and it is between two Media giants. You may have heard of them before… Snap & Facebook. The competition is for the visual web. Battle for the Visual Web has resulted in these two powerhouses releasing some epic features, acquiring companies, and tweaking products, to a point where people are confused to what app they are using (WhatsApp, Instagram Stories, Facebook Messenger, Snap..)

These two visual ecosystems have won the eyes and hearts of people. Vanity, visually pleasing interfaces, and ease of use are some of the reasons.


Facebook’s ecosystem of services is a juggernaut. From Messenger to Pages, the community (users + businesses) are deeply entrenched into the ecosystem. Facebook Messenger has a tiny user base of 1 Billion; Facebook Events has 450M users. (and counting) .

Snap’s numbers are crazy as well. Average number of Snaps per day are 2.5 billion (Feb 2017 #) and the average number of times per day a user visits Snap is 18. That means people are hooked! (duh as my niece would say). People are coming back to consume content and also share stuff.


As a user of these visual systems, and as an observer of my adorable and driven 12-year-old niece, Snap should create something along the lines of a “SnapBack”. I am amazed at the speed at which she interacts with these stories. This could either be a stand-alone app or a screen inside their current application. It could show up as a push notification “here is your Snapback for today…” (etc)

Snap has done an incredible job with creating a visual web for users. The visual web includes the creation, consumption, and discovery of visual content that a person wants. Many people are consumers because they do not want or have the time to create something. The power of Snap is the unwrapping of the content kind of like opening a deck of trading cards (Yes i collected basketball cards). People often open up Snap to see stories from their followers/brands they are following. The stories feature is solid right now because it enables creators to create media-rich stories. Snap’s acquisition of Vurb has powered their search to make it more personalized. Using summarization techniques and other methods, Snap could provide snapbacks that include people’s and brands stories that a person is following. The data is there that states who a users ‘best friends’ are etc.

Snapbacks would enable my niece to see the selfies her friends are posting at the Amusement Park and also see the updates her brands have.

Ok back to work

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