Blues Stories — Some History of the Blues.

Muddy Waters

It ain’t never over till its over.

Muddy Waters is the creator of the sound that links the Blues to Rock and Roll through the use of electrical amplification, to become the progenitor of what has become known as, the Chicago Blues sound.

The Stones first meeting with Muddy on their first, “semidisastrious” tour of the US at Chess Records in Chicago 1964. Kieth Richards, with Charlie Watts, in his 2012 Autobiography “Life”, tells the story of Muddy painting the studio in maintenance man overalls, employed by Chess Records on the South Side of Chicago. If you on the payroll then you better do some work. Many years, maybe some as long as your sweet short life dear reader, not making records but working as the General Handyman, was the creator of the song “Hoochie Coochie Man”.

Kieth says so elequently in his book — “… we turned American people back onto their own music. And that’s probably our greatest contribution to music. We turned White America’s brain and ears around.” The Blues song can evoke all kinds of the tradgedy in one’s Life, yet have some humour to help you endure, with the fortification of love, all the travails of our daily existence.

Muddy went on to make music for the world through all the 1970’s, 80’s, and passing away in 1983. Collecting along the way numerous Grammy awards and making “Rolling and tumbling”, which was covered by numerous greats like Bob Dylan, Eic Clapton and his group Cream. Jimi Hendrix said of him that he was the first guitarist that he became aware of. Penning the name through song, for both the band and the magazine “Rolling Stone”. Ecompassing an era in Modern History that saw the prosperity in America after the Second World War; the Baby Boomer generation and the Civil Rights Movement. The ongoing wars of American Empire and the rise of Liberal Democracy, Corporate Collonialism and Globalist ideology, all the time singing, “I just want to make love to you”.

Muddy”Missisippi”Waters working for a living.