Why I predict we will be wealthier in the future
The Financial Times

I’m in Indonesia now (Bali specifically) and the average annual wage is approx $1,800, so based on your projection five times that is $8,850. With smart phones (already in possession by most Balinese), a scooter (also widespread), and food stalls/mini-restaurants (Warungs), they pretty much have what they need to survive. But like any developing country they want more: air conditioning, refrigerators, bigger TVs, faster internet, etc.

I think the rosy future you paint is for the first-world folks, the “knowledge” workers who will nurture the machines that will control everything from Wall Street to Main Street. To service those where machine intelligence is either not available or desired, service workers will potentially grow more prosperous but will always feel subordinate to first-world directives.

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