Sonoma and Napa Fires: an email and photos from a friend

“Hi Neill,

Sharon, me and the dogs are safe but we lost our home and everything we own in a terrible firestorm last week. More than 5000 homes destroyed in Sonoma and Napa. I don’t plan to rebuild but when the smoke clears maybe we can do a joint venture and build a Spec home on my 10 acre parcel. It’s a magnificent piece of property. There’s going to be a big demand for housing here for years to come and PRMD and the board of supervisors have promised to streamline the timelines and fast track the permit process.

May have to come to Bali to discuss this. Not right away because I’ll be embroiled with the insurance claims for months but maybe after that.



From me:

I’ve been following the fire storms from here in Bali and it seems, even halfway across the globe, devastating. So so sorry that you lost your magnificent home but at least you and Sharon are alive.

I’m wondering what the flood of emotions have been but perhaps it’s better to focus on moving forward.

As far as me helping you I would be honored to help, although we’d both have to see where we are in a few months and look at the practical side too. I may build a multi-unit rental here as the influx of tourists keeps growing. The Chinese beat the Australians as the top population to visit Bali for the first time ever. The middle class Chinese are probably 400 million strong as opposed to 24 million Australians.

I have a villa here that I bought although I can only lease the land as a foreigner. But I have 29 more years so I’m not too concerned. There’s three bedrooms plus a tv room and so there’s plenty of space for you and Sharon. That said there’s not a ton of activities here in Canggu, compared to more swanky spots such as Seminyak or Ubud. A typical day is spent hanging around the house with my girlfriend, reading, swimming in the pool, and eating breakfast and lunch. Then after the main heat of the day is over we scooter for 12 minutes to the beach or go to a restaurant etc.

It’s a retirement style life lol although if I go forward with the multi unit deal then I’ll have some headaches or other annoyances that come with the territory of new construction — not to mention the cultural divide.

Please stay in touch and stay well. Health is numero uno my friend.

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