London’s fastest-growing tech cluster is not the one you’re thinking of.

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This is a blog post of a talk I gave at London Tech Week 2020, part of a PechaKucha showcase of digital, data and tech across the capital. If video is more your thing you can also watch it here.

Hello. I’m Neil Williams.

I’m the Chief Digital Officer at Croydon Council.

Full disclosure: I also live in Croydon, just at the top in Crystal Palace.

This is a dream job for me — I’m passionate about tech, and how it can disrupt things positively — and there’s nowhere…

Last Friday I tried live sketchnoting at a conference for the first time (Mind the Product in London: you can see the resulting notes here).

I did it for selfish reasons — to stop myself getting bored and to improve my drawing skills — but discovered that the rewards of sketchnoting are far greater.

Here’s the story of why I decided to give sketchnoting a go, how I developed enough basic skill to get started, what I got out of the experience and why you might want to try it too.

Confession #1: I’ve never much liked conferences

Listening to conference talks has always struck me as…

Neil Williams

Chief Digital Officer for Croydon Council. Former Head of GOV.UK at GDS. Trustee of Drinkaware. Proud Crystal Palacian and Croydonite.

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