Neil McBean
Feb 19 · 2 min read

Looking for creative work to start the new year? Thinking of making a chance to your current gig? Here are some great job boards for finding creative work.

Working Not Working

Working Not Working provides a curated bunch of curated professionals for everything from animation to photography to graphic design and anything in between.

You can post jobs there for $250-$300 per month. There are no commissions on job seekers.

Design Milk

Design Milk offers a job board that also pulls in listing from other sites like ZipRecruiter.

You can post jobs for $100-$200 per posting.

Dezeen Jobs

Dezeen offers architecture and design job listings. You can post a job for £100.


Zig has a free job board that also aggregates job listings from other top job sites.

Posting jobs on Zig is free.


Dribbble’s job board is mainly aimed at graphic designers and interface designers.

Job postings on Dribbble start at $299.

Screen Skills

Screen Skills offers a job board focused on the UK film and television industry.


Krop is one of the largest creative job boards. They charge $199 to post jobs, and you can search their database for $299/month.

Smashing Magazine

Smashing Magazine offers jobs listings for designers and developers. You can post Freelance jobs for $75, and full-time for $225.

Neil McBean

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