Scouting Thoughts: Uconn “First Night” — 10/14/16


Amidah Brimah: Dude was having a blast. Threw T-shirts every chance he got. Lead the break a handful of times and wasn’t too bad even though he had a high dribble. His jumper needs a lot of work. Guide hand comes off to quickly and doesn’t have a smooth motion. The T-shirt he likes to wear under his uniform hides a good chunk of muscle mass.

Alterique Gilbert: Wasn’t able to judge his height but is physically mature. Can dunk when given the runway. For someone with his height you hoped his shot release was a little higher.

Christian Vital: Him, Alterique, and Rodney honestly were hard to differentiate. All have the same game and same stature. Similar shots even.

Rodney Purvis: Shot release is in front of his face. Surprisingly little amount of elevation on jumper.

Vance Jackson: Shooter. Also has a low shot release. Made 25 footers with ease. Legitimately 6'8".

Mamadou Diarra: Undersized big but probably weighs closer to 225 than 215.

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