Back & Forth

Relive your decision, it makes you stronger and confirmed of ones choices.

Failure is the most dreaded reaction one expects from his actions. failure is condemned from day one by our parents, relatives, and friends. As a kid, it’s often ignored by saying participation is important winning and losing is just a part of the game. But as days go and age layers up, winning becomes much more important as a status than learning to our parents. They need to boost our winnings in their social gatherings and family reunions. There are only a few who can be amongst the ranker’s and only one can attain the 1st rank. The ones who didn’t are stressed and pressurized to work harder and harder with no set plan. We don’t really sit and seek help to know better as to how the opposite achieved that particular rank. Cause we are just thought by imitating our parents to loathe the one who is succeeding.

Jealousy makes our mind shut and exits the rationalism out of us. We learn this emotion and follow it very diligently all our life. No doubt this keeps us alive and over-laps our shortcomings. Even one’s rare winnings are tagged as someone else’s achievements sucking out the enthusiasm one could boost if praised for further achievements. Constant badgering makes an individual accept that he/she is not an achiever or can never be one due to its limitation since birth.

In today’s global world with social media as a tool, we have so many examples where people have totally transformed themselves from rags to riches. Many have not even completed college, just the determination and persistent effort has made them what they are today. We are stuck in the blame game of blaming our parents, society, karma, relations and many such things just to avoid our lack of efforts and determination to do anything that could have made us an example of success to millions of shallow dwellers.

When someone guides us to do things, our individuality suddenly pops up and ego shields us reminding us that we are not robots but humans with freedom of actions. Out of the total conversation, all that strikes us is the allegation or things that we do to defend ourselves. We feel a habit or a childhood dream is the only thing that one can follow. We are humans a replication of the creator for whom nothing is impossible. Still we make limitation our crown/tiara and shortcomings our sword. Past failures can’t determine our future growth but present actions surely can.

We all have fear, the successful and the less successful. The only difference is that they acted upon, their dream and just not sat and blabbered behind closed doors. They were consistent and persistent in doing small things to start with and kept doing till they didn’t accomplish those tiny goals. A small winning often gives a kick within to strike a big one. If want to dig a hole, you need to use a shovel. The incremental shoveling of mud can help you to dig a hole of your dimension. Once you learn the art of tiny achievements you can later leverage your actions to use a drill machine and labors to dig a bigger hole.

‘Back & Forth’

It’s always good to go back and forth on what you are doing and how are you living in each quarter of your life. Because only life gives us many second chances to rectify our actions or start all over again. You can set on a path, walk on it for a while in fierceness and passion and when energy gets drained out you can move back to your old life where you had realized to take the necessary path. This helps you to confirm your decisions and only makes you stronger internally. And even if you have happened to walk a wrong path, going back will help you to rationalize and live a new life altogether. Sulking won’t help, frustration won’t differ you in any way.

Recent Forbes magazine article declared that there are only a handful of rich lads, so it’s great news for you because this means less competition. Your chances have just shot up of being amongst the top few. So make a decision, take action and relive your choices going back and forth till you are not confirmed that your path chosen is the right one.

P.s. Get up and act on whatever is troubling you within, your thoughts are desperate to jump out in actions and they have chosen you for it. Don’t let it go to waste. Take part & RIP apart.

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