Adventure is just beginning

Perseverance, patience, self control how much ever I use these words but the reality is nerving till you don’t shiver your soul out. Yes I admit it’s much more difficult then dieting on your favorite food or ice cream. But its fun by the very thought you resist falling down or prey to working for money and becoming a slave of the organizations. It’s like an addiction imbibed in us that being an employee is a very right thing to do as it’s the only thing that shall attain you salvation. Research says that if you are an employee you become an insecure freak all your life failing not only on your work front but also in your relations and family/kids etc.

I believe in myself throughout the process of achieving something great, should be ones motto for life. Sometimes it’s easy for those who have some strong financial backup but those should leave oneself astray and start with nothing. And for those who have nothing don’t worry we share the same glory.

As my rich dad always said “You can give up anytime so why not give it a try one more time” These words kept me going all these 24 years and I guess it will assist you too. What do you do when you trip while walking? Do you sit like that all your life or crawl home, NO right; you get up and start walking again. If you understood my message then you are one step ahead from everyone who hasn’t even started to think what tomorrow brings? We have a habit to delay most of everything for tomorrow. What if tomorrow fails to come, will you be able to carry the load on your soul that you failed to say goodbye to your loved one, forgot to tell them how much you love them, a sorry would have mend relations Or are you gonna leave your family without any assets or money.

So make it your aim, goal whatever you wanna call it. DO IT NOW or NEVER. Don’t give up my friend it’s just a start even if you have spend months on only thinking what are you good at and what will you serve the society at large by being an entrepreneur . Till you don’t sell your product to at least 1 million customers don’t stop doing what your good at. Take help, assistance from your enemies because they will deliver best results just to prove you wrong. Friends don’t bring out the best in you remember this advice cause they want you to be as pathetic or rather much more than them.

Listen to your soul, heart, mind, veins, and pulse. And give your best and you shall receive the best. As its best said by an author: NOTHING HAPPENS UNTIL YOU DECIDE. All the best to those who read this, wish you most and more.

P.S. Forgive me for my grammatical errors.

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