Augmented Reality is the Future of Media

Media is going to be everywhere and it’s going to be all the time.

Even more than it already is.

Our smart phones are the closest thing we have to magic wands right now, but the time and effort it takes to cast a spell is still a little too long for our short attention spans.

Imagine you’re traveling and you come across a monument you want to know more about, unlocking your phone and searching Google for the answer seems like wizardry compared to 100 years ago, but it’s still going to take you some time. You either stop because you think the information is worth it for a minute or two of your time, or you just keep walking.

In the future, I predict we won’t even need to stop.

You may have heard of virtual reality, the headsets the kids got for Christmas last year, but I think augmented reality is what’s really going to change everyday media for people.

Remember Pokemon Go? The Pokemon really looked like they were part of our physical world just through the looking glass of our smartphones. I believe this is going to become the norm, not having Pidgeys and Pikachus everywhere, but the ability to access computer generated sensory input through our devices directly from the environment.

Think back to the monument you were interested in on your travels, instead of having to think about the write key words to type into Google, imagine looking at the monument through your smartphone’s camera lense and any and all information you’d ever want to know about that monument instantly pops up on your screen.

You could do this to find the height of mountains, the nutritional facts of the pizza you're eating, or the social handles of the people you pass in the street.

And as augmented reality evolves, so will our devices. Smartphones will become smart glasses or smart lenses that aren’t even visible. This could lead to having a Heads Up Display (HUD) throughout our daily lives where we could see augmented reality anywhere at anytime.

We think our stream of information is constant now, I think media will be everywhere with augmented reality.

The below video is as exciting as it is scary.