Google Firestarters, Amelia Torode

Episode 12 in the Google Firestarters series has just been published and this one features the brilliant Amelia Torode, co-founder of The Fawnbrake Collective. Amelia speaks about why the current agency operating system is broken and how smaller, looser collectives will be the future. A tighter core at the centre but then a pool of resource to draw on (as she says, ‘you don’t need all of the people all of the time’). And she’s also good on how to make distributed teams work, doubling down on ‘the fierce urgency of now’, and on how exhausting but also enriching uncertainty can be were also good. Well worth the watch/listen.

My thanks to Amelia for being a part of Google Firestarters — don’t forget that you can watch all of the episodes here.


Author of ‘Building the Agile Business’ and ‘Agile Transformation’. Founder of Only Dead Fish. Curator of Google Firestarters.

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