What Nobody Tells You About Being a YouTuber (The YouTube Middle-Class)
Roberto Blake

Thank you Roberto, for telling it like it is for us newbies or relative newbies to YouTube video content distribution.

Intuitively and Instinctively I had a hunch that this what it was really like, reinforced by comments from more seasoned YouTubers. One of them is my friend on Face Book, Mr. Prince Bell Jr. a seasoned writer, producer, editor and presenter on the Urban Acolytes’ channel, and a business owner, who shared this article on FB, which is how I found out about the reality of YT video/film distribution.

I agree with your concluding remarks, that people shouldn’t be discouraged from distributing content via YouTube, instead they should carefully think about their goals when they do so, and to curb their enthusiastic expectations when deciding to start up a YouTube Channel or Channels.

On the subject of Taxes, in Australia our Corporate Tax Rate is 30%; so your article, about the realities of video distribution via YouTube, is even more relevant to people over here.

This article allows me to frame my instinctive and intuitive thoughts, into more logical specifics. Some family or friends, who’ve never even tried to own a business, seem to be the harshest crtitics, IMHO, who don’t seem to want to understand that one non-financial benefit of running your own business is the opportunity to be your own boss; even if there’s no steady income, as long as a business owner successfully manages their own cash flow, then they’re doing alright.

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