To the vultures circling London’s tech scene post-Brexit

As futile as it may be, I can accept that there is a time and a place for a friendly competition around which are Europe’s top startup hubs.

This is not one of them.

The reaction and actions of Europe’s startup hubs to London’s post-Brexit has been extremely distasteful to put it mildly.

Whether it’s gleefully shouting “we could be Europe’s next main hub” or setting up websites to entice London’s startups, it’s reminiscent of greedy cousins fighting over a newly dead relatives possessions.

Yes, some London startups will be looking to relocate, but they are perfectly capable of researching which city may be best for them without needing to resort to reading billboards being driven past them.

More importantly, it should be recognised that Brexit is not just a bad outcome for London and the UK’s tech hubs, it’s a bad one for all of Europe’s hubs, as an underperforming London will have a knock on effect across Europe, not least because a lot of the capital is tied up there.

Disregarding this fact, it’s the timing that was has disappointed me the most. A lot of entrepreneurs and startups based in London will now have their lives tipped upside down and face life-changing decisions, gloating from other cities is neither helpful or necessary.

So, if you are reading this from one of Europe’s other hubs and considering flying a plane with a banner over Shoreditch or whatever pathetic stunt is next, please could you at least wait until the corpse is cold?