Similar themes emerging across the weeknotes community it seems recently.
Ben Cubbon

Now that you’ve mentioned it, I too see the pattern!

I’ve been banging on about the importance of reflection for ages. To which the response is often.. “You have to make the time for it then!”. And perhaps, as you say, that time should be during the normal working day and not outside of it.

I know there will be some pushback to that.. particular from those who don’t see the need/value in blocking out time to reflect. But maybe this is one of those instances where I need tackle that head on rather than subconsciously work around it.

And actually.. maybe some of this is on me too?! Do I think reflection is important enough to make it part of my working day? If I do.. then I should carve that time out and protect it!

Sorry.. semi-rambly response. Thinking/typing was occurring at the same time. :)

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