Facts and Myths about your kids eating healthy.

Neil Upma
Neil Upma
May 18, 2017 · 2 min read

Unfortunately today, most of the foods that are labeled as “healthy” in the market are not healthy. Vegetables and fruits are sprayed pesticides, packed foods are loaded with preservatives, most of the cereals and pulses, which were once healthy, are heavily processed today. Looks like, it is time to switch to organic foods, and to medically proven supplements that will have necessary nutrients, to make your kids healthy.

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Healthy eating is a concept that is surrounded by ’n’ number of myths today and busting them at the earliest is important, as there are many mums out there, who still believe those myths and are feeding their kids in a wrong way.

Myth-1 — Kids cannot stand healthy food.
Fact — Your kids loving or hating healthy food depends on how their diet is designed. Is it loaded only with the broccoli and other vegetables? Or, is it designed with a variety of different foods that are healthy, yet tasty? If your answer is positive for the second question, then, the chances of your kids hating healthy food, is very low. Another thing, you should be doing, to make your kids eat healthy food oats upma is to, allow them to be hungry between the meals. Hungry kids will be ready to eat, anything you give them. Give them the healthy food; they would have finished the plate before they know it was something, they hate the most.

Myth-2 Low-fat diet is good for kids.
Fact — Wrong. Not all fats are bad. There are few fats that are badly needed by the body. And, when you don’t include them in your kid’s diet, their internal system becomes sluggish. A low-fat diet is also bad for your kid’s brain activity. Fats are crucial for every chemical reaction that takes place within the brain, and thus ignoring fat would be the last thing, you would want to do if you want your kids to be mart and healthy.

Myth-3 Sugars make your kid active.
Fact — Another myth. A senseless myth. Of course, glucose is the energy source for the brain, but it doesn’t make your kid active. When sugars are consumed in excess quantity, tryptophan, a happy molecule will be synthesized in the brain, and this molecule with serotonin will stimulate the feelings of calmness, relaxation, and sleepiness. So, sugars will make your kids less active.

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