Picasso, in his most inspired day, wouldn’t be able to capture the magic behind this smile

Noel, a six year old prince… My first born son, smiling ear to ear with his deep eyes focused on my reaction as he relived his trip to Disney…

I remember when we walked into Disney springs and danced “ bring it back now ya’ll, two hops two hops !”

He pauses and laughs in his own version of Rugrats Chucky raspy voice. That was so fun Dad, I also remember the boat before we saw Mickey. I liked Mickey Mouse. Oh! And Goofy. Pluto scared my brother at breakfast though. That wasn’t nice.

“What did you learn” I asked him as he lay quite

“I’m not scared of planes “ he responds nasally again as he laughs after

“Where do you want to go next “

“To see grandpa in Santo Domingo” (Dom.Rep)

Travel … is key. The experience …. Can’t explain it. But I know he’ll remember it forever. As one of his first memories. One of the many to come.