Be the Positive Force On Your Team.

Teamwork and communication is key to getting any project done. This is true especially working across teams that are responsible for different aspects of getting to the final product.

As hard as we try to have open conversation about goals and progress, there are still going to be instances of miscommunication. This is ok because everyone’s job on the projects is to be aware of what requirements are (even as they evolve) and to help keep any member informed.

When it is clear a teammate has missed a piece of information which is reflected in their work, help show them what they need to be doing.

Don’t call attention and blame to an honest mistake that another teammate has made. This creates a hostile environment to the entire team and culture. The result is an even greater decrease in productive collaboration.

Being part of a team is having each members back. It’s acting as one towards a common goal

As an individual on a team you have the power to motivate your members to be proactive in helping each other elevate their work in a positive way.