“Market Challenge”: Battle of the TOP 50 companies

The blockchain community is about to define the best performing and innovative companies with the help of the most influential experts in the DLT sector in the process of global online voting powered by the newconomy.media and Neironix rating agency.

The 3-days online conference ‘Market Challenge’ set for the 26–28th of March, will celebrate and reward the winners of the decentralized shortlisting where the leaders will get a chance to present their excelling projects and discuss the industry trends with the global audience.

An international scoring agency of blockchain projects Neironix and Newconomy.media, the next-generation news outlet, jointly announce the launch of the international decentralized online-voting which will culminate in the unprecedented global online forum ‘Market challenge: Battle of the TOP 50 companies’, scheduled for March 26th-28th. The general partners of the event are BitPax exchange, Kaspersky Labs, Crypterium, and Altergate fund.

Who Runs the Market?

1st stage: AI defines the shortlist

Neironix team leverages a complex approach to forming its rating of blockchain projects, applying no less than 75 key dynamical indicators. This allows for creating an objective assessment of each and every project. This method will be applied to all projects that enter the initial competition. The ranking mechanism is available on the official website.

2nd stage: The community casts the vote

The global voting procedure will get underway on the 18th of March and will be running until the 26st. In the course of the major decentralized voting at the 2nd stage of a contest, community members will have a chance to make their bets and guess the winners in each of the five categories and, therefore, define the leaders of the market.

3rd stage: Experts share their opinions

During the final stage of online-voting, which will take place on the 26th, 27th and 28th of March, representatives of TOP-50 companies, opinion leaders and top market experts will take part in a major online conference ‘Market Challenge’. The experts will decide their own rating and give grades to the projects and share their market forecasts in a series of interviews and interactive shows, powered by the Newconomy.media.

“Market Challenge” conference program

On the first day of the conference the leading experts in the fintech sector will share their observations upon the checklists presented by the companies, announce their grades and highlight key trends of the market development, and later discuss the future perspectives of the industry.

Next day, members of the TOP-50 companies shortlist will present their business cases, observe the most promising dev-trends and advanced research overviews.

Eventually, on the last day of the conference the best-rated projects from TOP-50 list — based upon the summarized results of decentralized voting, Neironix complex AI-rating system and grades of the experts — will be announced to the global audience to enjoy the well-deserved recognition, mass media attention, and valuable prizes. The winners will be defined in each of the 5 categories: blockchain platform; financial services provider; best AI service; best-performing crypto mining service, top VR-service.

The rewards will also find those heroes in the blockchain community who made the most accurate market forecasts and defined the members of the shortlist correctly.

Rating Results and Rewards

On the last day of the conference, the final ratings and forum summary will be published on the Newconomy.media website, along with the interviews with experts and battles reviews.

Upon the announcements of the rating results, top companies in each category will receive the valuable prizes as well as the members of the community, who were most accurate in their forecasts and chose a winning combination of 5 bets in 5 Project categories.

The Top Leading companies will receive:

  • blockchain-based “Market Leader’s” certificates;
  • a chance to meet with the representatives of several major investment funds and;
  • the free listing of the Project’s token on several trusted exchanges
  • Smart contract audit from the Kaspersky Lab partner
  • Listing of a token in a decentralized Crosschain wallet

and more…

The community members who guessed the winning projects correctly will receive an opportunity to meet with the head of Huobi exchange. Additionally, companies from TOP-50 list and winners from the audience will get

  • premium accounts at Neironix platform
  • and exclusive access to the B2B Newconomy community, a platform that hosts regular meetups of investors, startups, and top market specialists.

and more…

Afterward, the rating list of the TOP Market projects will be regularly updated, providing an opportunity for online users to observe current leaders of the blockchain industry.

Projects, Get Ready For Competition

Newconomy.media is glad to announce the initial list of the projects that enter the competition. From now on our media will try to reach and contact each and every project on the list. The final stage of a contest will be available only for those projects that are community-minded, responsive, and ready to take a challenge. Those projects that have not found themselves on this list are welcome to contact us via this form and take part in the Battle of the Top-50 Companies. In one week from now, the general voting will start!

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