Neironix announces the 40,000 NRX tokens drawing

We will raffle 10,000 NRX weekly for 4 weeks.

At the end of each week, on Sundays, we will announce 10 winners, who receive 1,000 NRX tokens. As a result, there will be 40 winners, so the opportunity to win increases 40 times :D

The terms of participation:

You need to fill in the participation form on the following link —

Every day till 12pm we will be publishing tasks in our blog on the Neironix platform —

Complete tasks honestly to be among the winners!!

To not miss anything we recommend to subscribe to our blog and receive notifications on Telegram by the official bot — @NeironixNotificationBot

You can complete these tasks within 7 days or spend one free evening on all of them at once.

The first task has already been published; you can see it following the link —