Neironix became an official agent of the BitPax exchange

BitPax Exchange, which is the part of the Korean blockchain holding PaxNet360, will be presented by the Neironix analytical agency in Russia, Europe, the USA, Canada, Latin America and Asia, that was concluded in an agreement on the 23rd of January, 2019.

The PAXNET Corporation is a Korean company that provides online financial solutions, stock trading and financial analytics. The company has become the holding organizer, and its aim is to create a global ecosystem of blochain. In addition to the aforementioned BitPax cryptoexchange, PaxNet360 also includes telecommunication and research companies, accelerators and news portals.

To promote services and expand the geography of interaction, BitPax concluded an agency agreement with Neironix UO that covers the Russian Federation, Europe, the USA, Canada, Latin America and Asia. As a part of the agreement, the last one of the indicated territories will officially represent the exchange, providing such services as: listing, concluding long-term contracts for PR campaigns, conducting educational activities and relations with the pool of Asian investors.

Such an agreement will make a significant breakthrough not only for both sides of the agreement, but also make a great contribution to the development of the blockchain industry as a whole. The PaxNet360 holding has all the chances and ambitions for world leadership in this direction, not only creating reliable and comprehensive products for its customers, but also lighting and popularizing the industry, at the expense of telecommunication companies. We are glad to have an opportunity to take part in the conglomerate product development.

Andrey Vengerets

The managing director of the Neironix analytical agency