Turn that shit up!

Volume I: prologue




Hell, where does it all even start?

Let’s assume it goes back to the days before the Good ol’ Days. To the times when branches were used instead of thermostats. When we did stuff. Like crack branches. Creating sick beats that no one recorded and were lost forever.

People liked music back then. There were no I like this and I despise that’s. There was music and people danced and sang along with it.

Now, let’s fast forward to a less distant time. People, at this point, started to compose music. They put effort into it. Voices started to sing instead of talk. The arsenal of instrument started to expand rapidly.

It just went nuclear. From one string songs, we now have jazz, blues, r’n’b, rock, punk, metal, skiffle, pop, disco, soul, dance, house, techno, reggae,… whatever you name, it’s still there somewhere.

But since it started developing it didn’t just encourage more to produce and explore new trends and ways of making noises.

It kind of made something beyond the reach of understanding.

It had created subcultures, trends, bonds, reaching beyond imagination, a sense of approachability, limitless talents, an influence to the whole society, its’ own fetish, et cetera.

Point is, there is going to be lots of talking about that in the future.

Point is, I might have offended some people.

Point is, I might have encouraged some to change something.

Point is, I had realised that music is in no way covered enough to be understood. And it should have more understanding what it is capable of and what it is to be thanked for.

Not that I am going to tell you that. Fuck do I know.

But at least I can try to. Best case scenario - I inspire someone.

It had always represented one’s thought. One told the world, what he or she knew and wanted to say. And be it Snoop Dogg with What’s my motherf***ing name, be it Iron Maiden with Alexander the Great or be it The Beatles with Here comes the sun. Or anyone else that had however produced something.

No matter if the artist was too high to remember his own name, wanted to talk about history or had waited for the sun for countless hours, it all came down to someone wanting to say something. And there were always people who felt the same way.

But there was never only a what. There were way more important hows.

Take five minutes and give this a listen.

There’s talk of ideology. There is a video game behind it. A story.

But even more importantly it is produced with a reason by someone. By someone who knows something you might not. By a person. Accompanied by creaking of the chair, saliva swallowing, lip licking and failed sounds.

But let’s leave it here for now.

I am going to try to make this readable.

I am going to try to make this a series of music exploration.

Be it libraries of funky chill music or the impacts on society metal makes.

Be it punk revolutions or the weed culture.

And I am going to try to cover as much as possible. If nothing else, you might get some cool songs out of it, right? That’s not a bad deal, is it?