How Do I Find Clients?

My biggest worry in the beginning was “How would I get clients?” How would I get a complete stranger to send me money before they even seen what I could do for them?

It surprisingly enough it was easier than I thought. Clients are overwhelmed with all the tasks they need to get done in a day to keep their business running. They desperately need help and guess what they are just as confused as you are.

What are these people called? Where do I find them? What tasks can they help me complete? Are all questions CLIENTS ask.

So you need to get yourself out there and show them you can help them with just about anything on the list. They need help fast and they are ready to work with you.

But if you just stare at your computer screen and not put yourself out there they will not know you exist.

Everyday your goal should be to get one new client. If you work hard you can quickly book out your services. If your goal is to work 40 hours per week you can easily secure that within a month or two.

  1. Make a plan.

Set a specific time during the day that you will focus on marketing. Everyday you should be connecting your services with potential clients. Whether thats by cold emailing, searching Facebook groups or searching all social media platforms for clients. You have to work on marketing daily.

2. How will you market to your clients.

Cold emailing is a great way to gain clients. Visit bloggers, infopreneurs and coaches’ website and see what you can help them with. Send 10 emails daily describing how you can help this clients with areas that you specialize in.

Searching Facebook groups where your potential clients hang out for post stating they need help. Help the poster with their problem and respond to post searching to hire a VA. Make a post and answer 3 questions in 3 groups per day.

Even using the social media’s search bar to search terms like need a VA or hire a VA can turn up potential clients. Some clients do not join Facebook groups so they will make posts on their personal page looking for assistance.

3. Be personal.

Remember you are building connections with other people. Do not just drop your qualifications and leave. Talk to them as if you are helping a friend. Similar to you being a VA for your best friend you really want to help them and the money is just extra.

Share your qualifications and how their day will look after hiring you. Explain how they will have more time to focus on their passion and the actual tasks they love doing in their business. Build a friendship.

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