13 Reasons Why

The reason behind this title is bigger than a tv show. If you are not familiar with this book or show, it’s a story about a girl’s suicide and the “thirteen reasons” why Hannah Baker ended her life. Now, I don’t know your story or the battles you have faced, but ask yourself this question; Have you ever felt like this girl, Hannah Baker? A girl who fell and no one caught her, a girl who no one wanted to try and understand, a girl who’s pain was so powerful that it took her life to stop the hurt she was living.

I know I have felt this pain before, the battle of loneliness, the pain of having no one there for me. I was Hannah once, 2 months ago and the only reason why I am still alive today is because the blade was not sharp enough to cut through my tissue. Isn’t that strange? The only difference between Hannah and I was a blade, one cut. Now, I’m not telling my story to pity me, I type out these personal struggles of mine so that maybe one of you reading this can find hope, find light, find someway to hold on because life is worth fighting for. You are more than your pain, more than wounds, more than drugs, more than death and silence.

I am going to give you thirteen reasons why you should stay alive, because you are not alone in this. If yesterday was a hard day, you were not the only one who felt that way. Hope is real. Help is real. We have to believe that our story matters, that there is beauty behind the pain we feel, to believe that life comes back.

  1. Puppies
  2. Books that make you feel something
  3. Smiles that make you look twice
  4. Sunsets that have a little bit more color than usual
  5. Friends that make you laugh until you cry
  6. Late night talks on a Saturday night where you get deep and cry and understand each other
  7. Compliments (they always feel good!!)
  8. Singing as loud as you can in the shower to your favorite song
  9. Getting to sleep in on a Saturday morning
  10. Having a parent as a bestfriend
  11. Getting new boyfriend jeans (maybe this is just me)
  12. Feeling loved by the people around you
  13. Lastly, waking up to a new day, a fresh start to life.

Now, your list might be different than mine, but I hope you have one and if you don’t I challenge you to write one and put it up where you can see it everyday. Please don’t ever give up, reach out, find a community, find people who love you. Your are more than your pain, your life is worth fighting for.